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Business Support

Business advisory

A successful business requires constant assessment and development to ensure that it continues to turn ideas, products and services into profits. A dynamic management team needs to make the right decisions based on up to the minute information.

At Levy + Partners, we aim not only to provide the latest information but also act as an extra member of the management team.

Accounting systems and controls

We actively assist clients in setting up reliable accounting systems and establishing key business controls based on our experience of businesses.

Management Accounting

We provide regular management information that is crucial to monitoring a business, including the provision of periodical management accounts, which incorporate comparisons with budgets and trend analyses.

Profit and cash flow forecasts

Our experienced team prepare profit and cash flow projections and budgets using up to date software. Forecasts are flexed to account for variations in assumptions and changing circumstances. We draw up comprehensive business plans and assist with fund raising issues and negotiations with banks and other financial institutions.

Business reviews and health-checks

We carry out comprehensive business reviews and business benchmarking to provide useful comparisons with competitors and industry norms. Our health-checks include tax compliance matters such as PAYE and VAT as well as employment law issues.

Our partners and staff have considerable experience of working with clients of all sizes and many industry sectors. Our audit procedures are commercially driven to ensure that we add value to your business so that your business thrives through our active participation as a business advisor.